"People's New Science" Award

is dedicated to the Pioneers,

those who brave the unknown,

communities of shared intent:

researchers, scientists, artists,
dreamers, shamans, campaigners,
....."we the people"

and commemorates the landing of Pathfinder on Mars.

The First "People's New Science" Award goes to Richard C. Hoagland for opening the brave possibilities, full of breath and vision. While many may question his theories, no one can deny the impact Richard C. Hoagland has had on the frontiers of thinking and even those seekers in opposition, are thrust deeper into investigation.

The Truth will be revealed.

. We believe it fitting that this first "People's New Science" Award go to Richard, because he inspired other pioneers, he first proposed the Space Plaque and it was he who first brought "world's" attention to the Mars FACE, the concept of HyperDimensional Physics and the possibility of Life on Europa.

The Second "People's New Science" Award goes to David Laverty for his outstanding contribution to raising public awareness of the Mars Research. Known by many for his active campaign efforts to expose the public and Congress to the Mars research surrounding Cydonia. He initiated a petition that was sent to Congress and actively led many Mars Rallies in front of JPL. His tireless "behind the scenes" efforts to document the Mars movement and generate public enthusiasm are largely responsible for the current public awareness. He was one of the founders of AOPR (Americans for Open Planetary Research).


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