Highlights of Kynthia's Career


2001 Mars Animations for PAX Network TV Special, April 27,InsightInteractiveMedia / partnership with Fred Torres

1994 Performance Director of Equinox Story Dance, Ghia Gallery, S.F., CA
1989 "Vision and Beyond" -(Participating Artist) Nicholas Roerich Museum, NY
1988 Featured Guest of one hour Star Alliance Television Show - Nov, S.F., CA
1987 Director & Set Designer/Installation of " Arising Light of the Spirit", Performance Event, at Collins Gallery, S.F., CA

2001 Cover of The Monuments of Mars. by Richard Hoagland, North Atlantic Press
2001 Portlite Compilation 1 & 2 CD Jacket Design
2000 Holistic Health Journal Vol. 2 & Vol 7, Number 2 Painting - "Dancing with the Ancestors"
2000 Hoaglands Mars Vol. 1,Vol.2, Vol.3, Video Jacket Design
1999 Enterprise Mission Logo
1999 Millenium Conference, Sedona, Arizona - Conference Design
1994 Omni Magazine, Dec, Richard Hoagland on Mars, "Mars Face Model"
1991 Quest Magazine, Winter, Painting - Transcendence"
1990 Celebratina Women's Spirituality, Calendar for 1990, Crossing Press, Painting - "Transcendence"
1990 Shared Vision Magazine, Vancouver B.C., Canada,Painting - "Transcendence"
1990 Cover of Critique Magazine. Painting - "Transcendence"
1989 Whole Life Network - Spring - Visionary Arts Exhibit Director
1988 The Rising Times. Feb.Painting - "Transcendence"
1987 Cover of The Monuments of Mars. by Richard Hoagland, North Atlantic Press, First sculpture of the FACE ON MARS on this planet.
1986 "Star of Peace" logo to commemorate First Young Astronaut ! Voung Cosmonaut Exchange Program, Washington D.C.

1999 Speaker at the Millenium Conference, Sedona, Arizona
1996- Creator and Director of Planetary Mysteries
1994 Speaker at on theMoon / Mars Conference, Wyoming
on the Mars Face Research/Sculpture,
1989 Co-Founded Global Peace Media / Global Vision Television Show and Show Designer: Logo & Set, S.F., CA

2002 The First Annual Visionary Art, Music & Video Festival at The Palace Of Fine Arts, SF, CA
1994 Barakat Gallery, Rhodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
1992 "Sacred Sites II", Ghia Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1989 Whole Life Network- Spring, Visionary Arts Exhibit Director

Barakat Collection / Gallery, Rhodeo Drive,Beverly Hills, CA
Rev. Roberleigh C. Haig, Dr. Robert Schemmel, "Enchanted Forest" Dr. Gamal Modir, DaVid MD, Leana Alba, E.T. Wolfe, Kaiti Nagel, Revision: Richard Hoagland & scientists, Ghraham Hancock, Vincent di Pietro, David Oates, John Joseph Mercieca-Malta, David Laverty, Academy of Sound and Music-San Diego, "Lemurian Goddess", Jeanne Scheer, Anne Leone, Richard, Bonneau, Prof. Lauren, Mohammad Abolghasem, Charles Swanson, Proffessioinal Golf Shop- Los Gatos, Main Sails Restuarant- San Jose, Portrait of Darwin Gross, Amir Taghizad, Mural, Goddess Pizza-Oakland, Leila Nagel, George Synadinos-Greece, Pandeli Lazaridi-Greece. Tihomir Biresch-Italy, Three Sabatina ChiMren-Italy, Mario Olmos-Mexico, "Tension", Jeanne Scheer, Portrait of Christopher Bowman, collection of Margorie Bowman, Portrait of Rosa Llanes for Edward Kagel, Anthony Oropezo

1970 Academy of Arts, Rome, Italy
1968 San Jose State, CA
1966 Cal State, Hayward, CA
1965 Studied sculpture with Ignacio Asunsolo, Mexico City
1965 University of Mexico, Mexico City
1963 College of Art & Crafts, Oakland, CA
1962 Academy of Arts, San Francisco, CA

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