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KYNTHIA - Artist for Peace and the
Healing Expansion of Consciousness

The movement towards Peace is the one abiding current within all of Kynthia's work. The use of the Arts as the medium for self-discovery and communal expression is at the root of her art. A movement towards inner peace and world peace by revealing the possible nature of a post-paradigm world.

Kynthia's approach is spiritual by nature. Embued with an awareness of multi-dimensional realities, her art is deeply evocative and acts as a psychoactive catalyst for opening the sacred space within and activating the healing power of archetypal myths. Kynthia brings the awareness of Eternal Presence to her Art and Sacred Ceremonies.

Kynthia conducts workshops on personal transformation through the use of art and ceremony and she is a licensed minister who officiates at weddings and funerals.

A pioneer in consciousness, Kynthia is dedicating her efforts to the global paradigm shift. Experiencing her art in sacred space, we sense layers of reality from within and without that are hidden and forgotten by mainstream culture.

" When my art opens the heart, I am very pleased. They aren't always "pretty pictures" , sometimes they are heavy healing ones that reveal the pain and open the compassion and activate the strength for action. My hope is that we will all move into a fuller sense of ourselves as embodiments of Love, dynamically expressing and co-creating in a harmonious universe."                                                                           -KYNTHIA

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consistent thread that brings all of Kynthia's works into focus is the unwavering KYNTHIA is actively working