by Michael Diamond
New Frontier
June/July 1991

Over the past decade, one of the major topics I have been addressing is the negative influence of television. While it is easy to define the problem, it is not always so easy to provide alternatives. In recent years, however, the number of alternative media sources has been increasing. One of these is Global Vision, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco. Global Vision produces television and radio programming that focuses on positive approaches to peace. The emphasis is on social responsibility, environmental concerns, the development of human potential, social and economic transformation, and arts and entertainment.

Global Vision is also the name of their weekly half-hour show which airs on cable TV nationally. The program is a unique mixture of interviews with groups and individuals presenting choices for a positive global future. The show also features musicians and artists whose visionary work reflects their commitment to peace and social justice. The program is carried by more than 30 cable stations nationwide over Viacom, one of the largest cable networks in the U.S.

Their shows are also aired on radio through National Public Radio (NPR). An exciting new development will be the opportunity to reach a world-wide audience on radio. This will be available trough a new organization called Radio For Peace International, which broadcasts on a short-wave frequency reaching 30-40 countries around the planet. This will be the worldıs first ³supranational² radio station.

Global Visionıs programming is incredibly diverse, covering a wide range of topics. The following is a partial list of shows they have produced:

• Beyond War ­ Featuring footage from the first Soviet-American Spacebridge.
• Pathways to Peace ­ Merrill Collins, with children who accompanied her to the UN.
• Tom Crumm, author of ³The Magic of Conflict,² featuring Windstar Foundation Directors: John Denver and Tom Crumm.
• Global Family on Harmonic Convergence and Global Events Coordination.
• Peace Corps, featuring historical footage of President Kennedy, Bill Moyers and coverage of their work around the world.
• Kynthia ­ Visionary Surrealist discussing her art and ³Angels, Aliens, and Archtypes.²
• Dr. Willis Harmon on Global Mind Change / music by Geist.
• GAIA Consciousness ­ panelists of GAIA Conference.
• Latino Artists for Peace ­ panel of Hispanic artists and musicians dedicated to peace; special guest appearance by Carlos Santana.
• Environmental Ethics with Susan Molloy and Iris Martinez Kane / music by Betsy Rose.
• Homeless in America ­ ³The Forgotten People² with Barabara Neil, Emmit Powell and the Gospel Elites.
• The Peace Makers, featuring environmental impressionist painter, George Sumner.
• Woman & Peace with Gisela Hamann of West Berlin, Gwen Dilworth of South Africa and Caroline Casteneda of El Salvador / music by Barabara Van Horn

Over the past three and a half years, Global Vision has presented interviews with world leaders in the fields of religion, education, politics, public service, and business. Some of these have included Helen Caldicott, Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, Robert McNamara, Julian Bond, Barry Goldwater, Norman Cousins, and many others.

The Executive Producer of Global Vision is a woman named AZARRA, whose extensive media background includes a degree in film from NYU and private study from Lee Strassberg. As an aspiring actress in New York she became aware of the awesome power of the media and became determined to try and use it for planetary transformation. After many years of work, both in front of the camera, as well as behind it, she has indeed begun to make an impact in the form of Global Visionıs unique productions. Her latest project is a special 13 part TV and radio series of artists and musicians who offer a vision of a positive future. Any reader whose work fits this description are encouraged to submit it to the above address.

I trust that in the near future, we will be able to turn on our TV sets and have a wide variety of programs like this to choose from, instead of the mind-numbing waste material that passes from programming today. Until then, I, for one, am grateful for the ground-breaking efforts of pioneers like Global Vision.

Michael Diamond has been presenting media and the arts to New Frontier Magazine readers for the past 8 years. He lives in Davis, CA.

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